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Single — Molecule at the Speed of Bulk.
We believe that research methods that draw on a very complex foundation but are presented in a simple and accessible manner can bring the benefits they were designed to deliver.
By approaching these methods from a user perspective, we design elegant, user-friendly, and simple-to-use products. With our products, we aim for a low entry barrier, reproducibility, and high productivity.
Our first product is DNA curtains, invented by Prof. Eric Greene at Columbia University. DNA curtains offer a flexible experimental platform that can be adapted to the study of many different types of protein-DNA interactions.
DNA curtains are compatible for applications with either double- or single-stranded DNA. They allow for the direct visualization of hundreds of individual molecules by total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy. DNA curtains are prepared by using electron beam lithography to deposit metallic barriers onto the surface of a microfluidic sample chamber. The surface is then coated with a fluid lipid bilayer, which minimizes any nonspecific surface adsorption and provides a mobile platform for anchoring DNA molecules. Hydrodynamic force is then used to push the DNA molecules into the nanofabricated barriers, allowing hundreds of DNA molecules to be aligned with one another and ready for visualization.